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Bird Netting Installation

Bird netting is utilized in urban settings to eliminate roosting, harboring and perching on any architectural structure including porticos, pediments, dock overhangs, light wells, columns, rooftop HVAC equipment and aircraft hangars.

Bird netting installation is one of the most versatile methods for bird control.

  • Lighter gauge netting is used to protect fruit trees, crops and vineyards. Heavy duty gauge is used for air hangars, garages, factories, warehouses, eaves and canopies.
  • Effective for all birds, however, the gauge of the netting is dependent on the birds involved. If the holes are too big, smaller birds will still be able to roost. If the holes are too small, larger birds will be able to walk over the holes and roost.
  • Installation of properly sized bird netting creates an impenetrable barrier that is barely visible from a distance, silent and requires no power supply to do its job.
  • This solution does not inflict any harm to the birds.

Our service area includes Philadelphia and Greater Metro of Philly, as well as Berks County, Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, Lehigh County, Montgomery County and Northampton County.

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