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Bird Waste Removal, Cleaning & Sanitation

Removing the bird infestation is only part of the solution. Although the birds are gone, waste including nests, droppings, deceased birds and eggs are left behind. That waste can harbor parasites and disease causing organisms.

Our technicians remove and dispose of the bird waste, as well as contaminated insulation (if necessary) and debris. If necessary, they will scrape beams and walls to remove any residue. Once the bird droppings and waste are completely removed from the affected area, the technicians will sanitize and disinfect the affected area.

In addition to bird waste clean up and sanitation, A Wildlife Pro also provides clean up and sanitation services for wildlife including raccoons, squirrels, opossums, rats, mice and bats. This includes removal of dead animal carcasses, as well as the collection and removal of animal feces, furs, nesting materials, body oils (scents), food and more waste left behind by wildlife. Depending on the location, clean up may also require removal of contaminated surfaces such as insulation, and replacement and/or repair of damaged building materials (insulation, dry wall, etc.).

Our service area includes Philadelphia and Greater Metro of Philly, as well as Berks County, Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, Lehigh County, Montgomery County and Northampton County.

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Pigeon Infestation and Clean Up

The resulting waste from a pigeon infestation including feathers, droppings, nest debris and dead birds. Collection, removal and disposal of the pigeon droppings and waste before a thorough cleaning. Final step was to put preventative measures in place so that the birds could not enter the structure again.

Wildlife Infestation and Clean Up