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English Sparrows

English (House) SparrowEnglish Sparrows (also called House Sparrows) are one of the most abundant bird species in North America. These birds are not native to the US, but were introduced in 1852 when birds from England were released in New York City. Because of their ability to adapt to an array of conditions and different climates, this bird species can now be found across the US and in most of the world.


Sparrows are typically about 6 inches long. Males have a gray head with white cheeks and a black bib. Females are dull brown.

Nesting Habits

Sparrows typically live in both rural and urban settings. They tend to avoid areas away from human development such as woodlands and grasslands.

Since sparrows are so well adapted to living around humans, they will build nests just about anywhere, even indoors. Nests can be found anywhere there is a protected crevice such as the eaves and downspouts of houses and buildings.

Because they tend to use the same nest each year, there will likely be a build up of debris including dander and droppings, as well as insects.

Food Sources

While the main source of food is seeds, sparrows are opportunistic eaters that will consume what they have access to including insects, fruits, crops and food dropped by humans.

Average Lifespan

Sparrows have an average lifespan of 4 to 7 years, with up to 5 breeding seasons. A female house sparrow can raise an average of 20 chicks per breeding season.


Sparrows are very social and will roost communally, which can become quite noisy.

They are aggressive toward other birds and are known to destroy nests and eggs, as well as kill adults and nestlings while taking over an occupied nest.

Common Problems

Sparrows are carriers and disseminators of diseases such as West Nile virus, as well as hosts for a variety of parasites including fleas, lice, mites and ticks. Their acidic droppings can damage the paint on cars and the surfaces of buildings.

Sparrow Control and Removal

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Sparrows will nest anywhere, including building signs and indoor rafters.